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I can only presume that this rather snarky posting was in response to my earlier posting. I wasn’t suggesting that you shouldn’t scout trails but, unless you are wandering the hills looking for a trail, you’d certainly have to do at least some “Google Scouting” to identify tracks with potential. What you call scouting, I’d probably classify as pre-running. “Others” – and those of us in the NMJG but not part of your Scout Team also “pre-run” trails that we intend to use (or are so familiar with the trails that we find it unnecessary for each trip). My main point for the earlier posting was that there may be resources that can make your efforts more effective. My second point about the BLM was aimed primarily at the Cimarron Mesa area south of the Laguna Pueblo (included in some 48000 acres that BLM is setting aside as Unrestricted OHV, you can travel anywhere – trail/no-trail, in the Rio Puerco BLM district – which goes all the way to the Arizona Border). I’m not sure if your scouting efforts include route finding and trail building but this is what is needed at Cimmy Mesa now and other locations as they are defined in the future by the BLM Rio Puerco Resource Management Plans. Earlier scouting trips and “Google Scouting” indicate tremendous potential at Cimmy Mesa (probably equivalent to Gordy’s) but tracks need to be laid down and obstacles made at least passable with the right equipment. At some point in the future, BLM will classify routes and restrict travel to approved tracks.