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No reason we can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Also, I understand the need to get the condition of a track if you intend to take a large group (if you get up to 75 you need a permit from either BLM or NF – plus insurance). On the other hand, it would seem that there are many of us that get a good part of our enjoyment of a trip in overcoming unexpected problems.

I’m a member of 6 different Jeep/4WD organizations and don’t believe I’ve ever seen a process where a trip was presented to a Board (didn’t know we had a Board in the NMJG) before it’d be presented to the membership.

I’ve been on relatively complex trips where there were extreme, hard, and stock-able vehicles and trails involved. Most of the time, there’d be a trail lead who would plan his/her section of the trip (over a couple of beers – and, perhaps, a pre-run if necessary) and coordinate with the other sections to meet for lunch, common trails, and (maybe) a BBQ later on.

I, for one, would be interested in where you all have been and what the results have been.