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Not sure what you all have in mind for the Sierra Ladrones. Almost all of the area around the actual mountain is a BLM Wilderness Study Area where no motorized travel is permitted. There are a few in-holdings (private land and state land) that may have roads into them but the last time I tried one (about 3 years ago) it was gated and locked. All of that said, there is wheeling that can be done in the vicinity (southwest of the peak, generally). There are roads (trails) on National Forest land, some of which will be closed when the draft MVUM is officially published (it may change a bit from its current configuration – depending on input from stakeholders). You can find the draft travel map on line. There are county roads (two track) that (believe it or not) have some interesting places (some directly in the road and some, like the steps at Cedro, off to the side). There is the old Riley ghost town that is interesting. There are a lot of rocks in the area though I’ve not seen a track that had a difficult succession of rocks that would be a challenge to crawl in a built rig.

I’ve included a link to a video featuring Jennifer Chapin that was done for Advance Auto Parts earlier this year –