January 17, 2019


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Promoting Family Friends and Responsible Jeeping

The New Mexico Jeep Group strives to promote a fun, safe, environmentally responsible and ethical family environment for Jeep enthusiasts. We participate in organized off-road events, cookouts, overnight trips and charitable events in and around our local communities. Every Jeeper, their family, friends and pets are welcome to join us in our adventures.  All of the excursions that we plan are based around the groups make up and the areas we are visiting, while maintaining our focus on family Jeeping and not leaving anyone behind.  Our common passion is Jeeps, all models from 1941 to present.  Whether you are a current, past or future Jeep owner/enthusiast, like to talk about Jeeps, work on Jeeps, or run some of the most demanding trails in the country, we welcome you with open arms.  If you like off-roading or mall crawling, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people, come hang out and meet some fellow Jeepers.  New Mexico Jeep Group is a non-profit Off-Road community established by Jeepers for Jeepers.

Your NMJG Team

Helping you along the way!


Chief Executive Jeep Officer

Retired Sheriff’s deputy, dad, full time Jeeper, part time bad ass, Fred strives to make the Jeep community a place for all to enjoy, learn and have fun.

  “Hold my beer, I wanna try this.”


Chief Executive  Jeep Officer

Truly down to earth humble man working behind the scenes to bring you all the swag!

“I’ll eat that for 50 bucks!”


Junior Executive Jeep Officer – Ladies Chapter

Country girl that loves America, Jeeps, and all things Deadpool Shauna is always down for a beer, a laugh, and a chance to sport her America bikini!

“Did I do that?”


Junior Executive Jeep Officer – That Guy

Goofball, rock climber, and class clown, “Oz” prefers to be outside climbing a mountain, backpacking through the wilderness or enjoying a bonfire from a hammock.

“I don’t know enough to know that I don’t know.

The people that make it happen!!

The folks that keep us moving forward!


Welcoming Committee Chair


Scouting Committee Chair


Full time Jeep Service Tech since 1991. Nice  till its time to not be. Rather be in the mountains than anywhere eles. 


Scouting Committee Co-Chair

Mechanical engineer, snowboarder, and veteran Kindred lives to know how things work.

“If I can’t fix it, it isn’t really broken.”

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