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It’s great you all are getting out (and scouting is always exciting). As you can imagine, however, there are precious few trails in New Mexico that are not pretty well known to at least some in the Jeeping community. It’s not clear where you were scouting (or have been scouting) – kind of looks like the area around Cerro Pelado in the Jemez – but it it true that anywhere legal in the National Forest is shown on the MVUM and most of the more interesting (read difficult) trails have been closed. BLM, on the other hand, is not near as locked up and has potential that needs to be explored and developed. If you want to save yourself time and effort in defining trips, you might consider posting your area of interest on the forum. Not all Jeep clubs have members in the NMJG (though many do) and not all Jeepers are members of a Jeep club (though many of us know them as well). If you can’t get the low down on a trail of interest, it is probably worth scouting.