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Why does New Mexico Jeep Group Scout trails?

We developed the Scouting team and program so that we may have the latest and most up-to-date information about trails, road conditions, hazards and obstacles Prior to taking a large group out.

There are many factors that continue to change on the trail and with “designated” MVU maps and systems. There are temporary gate closures that don’t get posted, there are gates that fail to be reopened after closure, there is local activity or construction that does not get posted for people to be aware of. Rain, erosion, Fires, normal trail use all continually effect the quality/rating of the trail which directly impact the route and type of vehicles we can safely use on the trail.

Unlike others, New Mexico Jeep Group does not “Google Scout” trails that we intend to take are members on. We do not want to get there with a large group of folks and have this be the first time we have seen the trail, not know the property ownership rights, obstacles or the safe paths. Many trails and obstacles have gone from easy to hard or hard to almost impassable in less then a months time which can cause undue and un necessary damage to underprepared vehicles.

At New Mexico Jeep Group we go the extra distance to take care of our members. We will put the time into scouting trails prior to running them as a large group to ensure that you as a participant are not over your head vehicle, skills or comfort wise. We want everyone to have a good time and come home safe.