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The team went out last Friday to 31 mile road starting in Chili NM, (9 miles north of EspaƱola. It was a beautiful route with excellent tree coverage and many small water crossings. Unfortunately at approximately 9.5 miles in, the trail had been recently washed away. We were told that months earlier a different group was able to travel up the stream and reconnect with the trail. We walked the stream and it seems that a rockslide had made the route exceptionaly challenging as well. Continuing along the stream presented to many equipment risks and we decided to turn around.
The consensus of the scouting team that participated is that as an out and back this should be a “modified jeep only” trail. In its current condition this route is not suitable for a NMJG run.
We will keep an eye on this one, with some cleanup it has a lot of potential.